Rain hampers EE camp

Cayman is in the midst of its rainy season. Up until this month it did not look that way but the last few weeks have been drenched by the heavens.

In the local sports world that translates to a lot of cancellations and postponements.

One sporting event that was affected was the start of the East End U13 five-a-side football league.

The league was slated to launch last Saturday from 6pm until about 8pm at the East End play field.

However sightings of thunder and a heavily soaked field halted those plans.

At this point organizers are pushing for the league to begin this weekend.

It must be noted that during the week Grand Cayman experienced more heavy rainfall.

The times and locations are expected to remain the same this Saturday.

At this point league officials expect to see four teams of at least eight kids.

The competition might change to a seven-a-side format if there are a high number of participants.

Games are slated to take place every Saturday after the opener with the league wrapping up on November 8.

The league is one of the newest initiatives from the Department of Sports. In particular it is the brainchild of Deputy Director of Sports Collin Anglin.

The league was created with the goals of character building, increasing community participation and promoting healthy living.

Anglin has had much help getting the camp going in the district. Among the persons assisting him are Vernie Watler-Harris (mother of U23 football prodigy Arvid Harris), Thiago Cunha and East End community officer Delmira Bodden.

Parents are encouraged to log on to www.departmentofsports.com/forms.html to download and fill out registration forms for the league.

Registration for the league is free.

For more information contact Vernie Watler-Harris at 938-8024 or call Delmira Bodden at 925-5543.