Nations 5 and Campbells still have perfect touch

With the regular season drawing to a close and each team having completed 11 games it is now down to the mid-table squads in both divisions to playoff and see who will retain final shot at silver wear on the AndroGroup finals day tomorrow.

With both the 5 Nations and Campbells still on top of their respective tables and both having managed to negotiate 11 weeks of play without a loss they will remain as favourites to win their divisions outright but on a finals day anything is possible.

Squads will ensure their best possible teams are available in order to maximise a chance of taking home a trophy.

In the final rounds of play games were as always tight with bottom of the table teams like Grizz’s Old Fellas and Ogier looking to earn some last minute respect.

In Division 1 Deloitte were subjected to their 11th straight loss in humiliating fashion by Maples 1 whilst UBS were able to maintain the final playoff spot even with a loss to Digicel.

In Division 2 GCM lost out on that last playoff spot with a hard fought loss to Maples at the hands of Andrew Marshall who bullied his way at times to the GCM try line.

Elsewhere in Division 2 Keswick Wright tried his hardest to subject Campbells to their first defeat of the season whilst playing for Grizz’s Old Fellas but Wright’s two late tries were not enough to derail Campbells

Playoffs in Division 1 will now be between CML Spartans, UBS, Digicel and the Kaiser Cheifs whilst in Division 2 EFG Bank, Deloitte 2, DART and Titan Ticklers have all earned a playoff spot.