Pups get extra good wash at Yappy Hour

The heavens opened last Saturday as dogs and their owners, lovers and supporters all flocked to Coconut Joe’s for the annual Yappy Hour event, hosted by Z99.

After a car wash that morning, the main event of the afternoon was a dog wash with specially-prepared dog cake available as a special treat for the pups.

St. Matthew’s Veterinary School students had volunteered their time, as they do every year, to wash the dogs but their hosing down was certainly helped by Mother Nature, and the humans received an unexpected wash-down themselves.

‘Thanks to the volunteers from St. Matthew’s… they got right in there and didn’t stop washing until all the dogs were squeaky clean,’ said Trina Legge, volunteer coordinator for the Humane Society. ‘I appreciate the relationship the Humane Society has with these student volunteers and enjoy seeing the students out at all of our events and at the shelter.’

With a paddling pool set up for pups to play in, the scene was set for a day of ‘doggone’ fun and despite the weather, everyone remained in high spirits, and the event was able to raise $500 for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

‘Even with Mother Nature against us, we still managed to draw a crowd,’ said Ms Legge. ‘We managed to wash almost 40 dogs and raised just over $500. The Society has a great group of loyal followers who will support us come rain or shine.’

The staff members at Coconut Joe’s who volunteered their services during the morning car wash were responsible for bringing in $125 of the total funds raised, added Ms Legge, and all the dogs in attendance were appreciative of the dog cake made by Coconut Joe’s chefs.

‘Thanks to Chop and the gang at Coconut Joe’s. The dogs at the shelter are enjoying the leftover cake; it was another huge hit this year,’ she said.

Volunteers also picked up dogs from the Humane Society and brought them to the event, giving homeless dogs a chance to enjoy the fun as well. Appearances were also made by previous Humane Society cases that now enjoy happy homes, such as Dumbo, who has a rare genetic condition and hip dysplasia, but who is responding to medicine and is happy in his new home.

Ms Legge’s personal favourite memories from the day represent the variety of animals and fun that was had.

‘I have to say that my favourite part of hte day was hanging out in teh paddling pool with the Humane Society puppies. Or maybe it was washing Java, the 120-pound Newfoundlander!’