The Post will soon be living la Dolce Vita

As of the beginning of October, The Post restaurant in West Shore Centre will be known as Dolce Vita by Ercole Musso.

La dolce vita is a saying in Italian which can be loosely translated as ‘the good life’, something that Mr. Musso, the restaurant’s chef and owner, is hoping to offer guests when they visit the restaurant to dine.

During September, The Post has been closed in order to undergo a complete renovation, including the installation of an authentic brick oven and an extension of its patio facilities.

‘The patio will be like a garden, with plants and fountains and mist fans to keep the diners cool,’ said Mr. Musso, adding that it would now include a walkway extending to the parking lot, to make Dolce Vita’s presence more noticeable for visitors entering the complex.

Two fountains have been installed on either side of the patio, and once the plants have been introduced, the goal is for the patio to have a garden feel.

A wide screen will also be installed outside to show major sporting events, such as the World Cup next year, said Mr. Musso. The bar is still in place with its several televisions and the restaurant has changed colours, with a fresh coat of paint.

‘There needed to be some general work done so this has been a good opportunity to do that,’ said Mr. Musso.

The brick oven, complete with a full stone facade, will mean the addition of a ‘true, Neapolitan pizza’ to Dolce Vita’s menu, which will still contain the favourites from The Post menu.

With the new restaurant layout, diners will be able to see the chefs cooking the made-from-scratch pizzas from most points in the restaurant, including the patio.

‘There will be no 36-inch, 24-inch pizzas that you see elsewhere,’ said Mr. Musso with a laugh. ‘Just real hand-tossed Italian, 10-inch pizzas, with whatever toppings the customer wants.’