Daigle makes a FAST return

The popular FAST Defense series kicks off again this weekend.

Bob Daigle and the FAST Defense instructor team will teach a Fear Adrenal Stress Training Seminar at the Prep school on Smith Road on Saturday, 3 October.

The FAST Defense style has been voted the best self-defence programme in the industry by Black Belt magazine.

‘The No.1 factor in effective self-defence is dealing with the fear and adrenaline rush that naturally arises in a stressful situation,’ Daigle said.

‘The awareness and verbal skills taught in this seminar stop most assaults in their tracks before ever becoming violent.’

Interviews with convicted felons indicate they usually look for signs of passivity or submissiveness when choosing a victim. This is the same in the animal kingdom. Animal predators will go after the sick and the wounded and leaving the healthy and the strong.

‘We have found that most of our students fall into the category of being too passive when confronted with a dangerous situation.

‘Some people react to conflict by going to the opposite extreme. They respond too aggressively, which tends to add fuel to the fire and usually escalates the situation to the point of violence.

‘Both passive and aggressive communication styles can get you into trouble in a self-defence situation.

‘We teach an assertive communication style both in tone of voice and with body language. This type of response de-escalates most confrontations before they ever become violent.

‘The last thing we want in Cayman is more violence. Our goal with this course is to instil confidence in our students both physically and emotionally. A person who knows they can defend themselves is unlikely to start a fight.

‘We all know we should take a personal safety course and men need it just as much as women. Most people think it takes years of training to learn how to defend themselves. You would be surprised how much you can learn in three and a half hours.

‘How someone practices is how you’re going to react under stress. We don’t teach fancy martial arts moves. We do teach simple effect strikes to vulnerable areas of the attackers’ body.’

That is where the ‘bulletmen’ come in. Bulletmen are the instructors in fully padded armour weighing over 35 pounds who simulate realistic self-defence scenarios.

‘Wearing these suits allows us to simulate the closest thing to a real fight as possible. Students are taught to strike with full power to the groin, head and eyes. These simple strikes are burnt into muscle memory when executed in an adrenalized state.

‘I have fought in over 600 fights in the suit so far,’ Daigle said ‘Oh by the way, I lost every one of them. I have seen countless students turn fear into power. I said to myself ‘good thing I have this suit on’.

‘To make these fight scenarios as real as possible the bulletmen encourage the students not to hold back. We teach our students to do everything they can to avoid conflict. But if they must fight, then fight with everything they have to protect themselves and their loved ones.

‘My favourite part of the seminar is the closing circle, when we sit down and recap on the course. Hearing the students saying: ‘I feel empowered’ or ‘I did not know what to do if I were confronted by an attacker, now I have a plan and I feel more confident’ is warming.’

Some people feel teaching full contact self-defence skills is promoting violence. Studies have shown the complete opposite. The more empowered a person feels the less likely they will provoke or escalate situations.

On a recent UK Television show, FAST Defence instructors went into the prison system and worked with some of the most violent young offenders. The students had huge breakthroughs as they learned what it felt like to be the potential victim. They learned that conflict could be resolved without violence.

Mariko Jack, wife of the Governor, Stuart, attended an early FAST Defense class in March and loved it.

She said: ‘I’m really glad that I attended the Fast Defense seminar. It introduced me to a unique and extremely useful approach for conflict/violence avoidance.

‘It was organised in such a way that all the participants were drawn into the training deeper and deeper as it progressed and made us feel more assertive, confident and streetwise by the end.

‘The important philosophy behind the course is that physical force is only the last resort and not the first response, which can be applied in various aspects of our daily life.

‘I would recommend Fast Defense seminars to any one of any age, especially young people, to learn that physical readiness is not the only way to deal with violence.’

  • For more information on this seminar contact Bob Daigle at [email protected] or call 925-6946.