Social run was fun

The Wednesday Night Running Club had a run and social event last week and despite the rain, around 30 turned up.

The club meets every Wednesday outside World Gym and runs a total of five miles up the new bypass and back.

Club founder Tony Watts said: ‘Wednesday at Public Beach/Calico Jack’s was a real success especially once Nick started on the Jaeger Bombs and showed us his table dancing routine. Shame there was so few people left to see it. We did have a good turn out and it’s nice to do something different now and again.

Tomorrow’s run is back to normal meet at the World Gym for a 6pm start.

The club starts today interval sessions again at Safe Haven.

‘Anyone interested let me know which day you prefer. We will probably have to divert soon from Safe Haven to the bypass as there’s limited lighting there.

‘For the first three Wednesdays in October we’re going to hold the club championships. It’s a three mile handicap with a staggered start by time, where the fastest people go last and the first to start running will probably begin 15 minutes before the last starter.

‘There’s three events with the handicap times being reassessed after each. There will be a winner based on finishing positions over the three races and a trophy and prizes.

‘On the last Wednesday in October which coincides with our one year anniversary we are planning to scrub the run and just have a social casual meal and drink at say Royal Palms where we can announce the winner, present prizes, OD on energy gels or get hammered.