Lady Heels are so polished as they douse Blazettes

A lot of trends can be noticed in local women’s basketball.

Games are being played with increasing intensity, fans are showing growing support and players are in high supply.

Lately one fact keeps presenting itself and that is the Lady Heels have a hold on the Esso Blazettes.

The latest proof of that came in the recent final of the 2009 Cayman Islands Basketball Association Indoor Women’s League.

The Lady Heels would emerge victorious 41-34 to claim the title and their second major accolade of the year.

It is also the third competition in which the side has beat the Blazettes to contend for a trophy.

The Lady Heels beat the Blazettes in the playoff stages of both the national women’s league and the inaugural Women’s Cup back in March.

It may have been a rainy day outside the Arts and Recreation Center in Camana Bay but the Heels looked on fire inside.

The side actually had a tough battle in the first half as it struggled to build a lead greater than four points.

The lead would change four times and eventually the Heels went to half-time with a slim 23-21 lead.

Credit for the tight score goes to the defensive schemes employed by new Esso head coach Daniel Augustine.

Augustine had his ladies positioned well and got valiant effort from the likes of Wendy Manzanares and Lauren Keller.

The Heels countered with great defensive hustle from Keisha Anglin.

At half-time Collin Anglin changed tactics, using a man-to-man defense to disrupt the Esso offense.

From there the trio of Dionne Anglin, Courtisha Ebanks and Sarah Kidd would step up and lead the Heels to an 18-13 edge in the second half.

By game’s end Sarah Kidd would emerge with 19 points, five rebounds and four steals to nab finals MVP honours.

Kidd had plenty to say after the win.

‘I felt great when I found out that I won because I didn’t really expect it. Before I left my house I prayed to God to help me achieve my goal of winning the championship.

‘I’m glad I was able to help my team win; It was really special having my dad there to support me, I think that him being there was extra motivation for me to play even harder.’

Dionne Anglin was the other big scorer for the Heels with 12 points.

For Esso, Manzanares was top scorer with 12 points while Lauri Webster contributed 10 points.

It was a solid performance from Esso considering the amount of changes they have seen this summer.

Star forwards Theresa Hamil and Sade Wood were unable to play for the team and hustling player Robyn Sanderson has not been at 100 percent.

Moreover head coach Daniel Augustine took over the coaching duties just weeks before the finale.

Time will tell how the side does in the next national women’s league in January.

Coming into the final the Lady Heels had dominated the six-week indoor league.

The Heels went 5-1 in the regular season, putting together the most points scored (251) and the fewest points allowed (181).

Esso was not so impressive, finishing 2-4 with 188 points scored and a league-worst 225 points allowed.

On the whole it has been a successful year for the Lady Heels, head coach Collin Anglin and his wife and star player Dionne Anglin.

Back in mid-March the Heels beat up (formerly the Silver Bullets) to win the inaugural Women’s Cup.

Storm Quik Cash prevented a treble of sorts for the Heels by beating the club in the final of the national women’s league in early March.

Coach Collin Anglin beamed about his team’s performance on defense in the indoor final.

‘I’m very proud of the team, especially their effort on defense. Our man-to-man scheme was an area we needed to work on most.

‘In the second half they played the best man-to-man I’ve seen all season.

‘One of the reasons we lost to Quik Cash in the women’s league this year was because of our defense. I know we can score so I made it a point for the team to work on defense going forward.’

Two of the unsung heroines in the final were Latoya Cover and Alexandra Terry. Both showed great athleticism owing from their diverse sports backgrounds.

Latoya can be found most Saturdays in the summer time playing flag football. This year she played with the Hammerhead Lady Sharks team in the women’s league.

Meanwhile Alexandra plies her skills to softball. Of late she can be found in the adult co-ed league playing for the Anchor Construction City Slickers.

Anglin had much to say about the pair of them.

‘Latoya has been on the team for years. She may not get very much playing time but she’s a real athletic talent who can do some good things.

‘Alex is a nice addition and I hope she stays with the team. She learns quickly and adds intangibles to the club.’