Time to fish or cut bait

Kurt Tibbetts must resign his position as leader for the good of his party and the country.

There must be a more viable younger leader that can make the transition to better leadership and compete in the political arena. I must point out that he must be held accountable for the fall of his party and the governance it used to manage these Islands for better or worse.

There is a big difference between true leaders and mere holders of power. A true leader will do the right thing at the right time. A mere holder of power will hang around like an unwanted Mother-in-law mucking up the process with old visions of what used to be and totally forgetting about what has to be done to prepare for the future. That being said, there are younger, more multifaceted members of the PPM that should be pushed to the front to lead and rebuild. This will enhance the competition in the political process for these Islands; a good thing. Change has taken place around the world but the Leader of the PPM is in denial of this fact.

Some leaders do the right thing for the wrong reasons and there are some that do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and keeping Mr. Tibbetts on as leader is the wrong thing for the wrong reason at a time the party needs rebuilding. The longer he stays as leader the further the PPM will sink in the voter’s consciousness. This is a fact. This happens to most parties that have been in existence. The PPM must fish or cut bait now. The question remains: Will Mr. Tibbetts do the right thing for the right reason?

Albert Jackson