Casinos attract bad elements too

Casinos can bring in a good source of revenues. However, there’s a downside to this as well. Casinos tend to bring in a bad element, such as drugs, prostitution to name a few. Just look at Atlantic City and Las Vegas to prove my point.

Here in California, we have casinos on Indian Reservations. I go once in a while to get out of the house. What I don’t like is the beggars; people I don’t know are always asking for money.

They say they spent their gas money. Then, as a smoker, I am always hit up for cigarettes. I don’t mind giving a person a cigarette, but, don’t try to smoke up all the cigarettes I paid almost $6 a pack when you have money in your hands to gamble with. That’s rude.

In most casinos, I’m not saying all, it would be wise to watch your drinks as you would in a club.

Prostitution – I will not bother to comment on this. I think we all know what I’m talking about.

Another thing about drugs – at most casinos, drug addicts hang around to beg. Sometimes they go as far as trying to rob the patrons coming or going.

The last thing I will say about casinos, they leave a path of destruction for families. Families have been ruined, and brought into poverty.

Maybe the Cayman Islands will put in place a law like the Bahamas that residents are barred from the casinos. But, what will be the case if the residents have visitors from another country that wants to visit the casino? Will the residents tell their out-of-town (country) guests that they can’t go in?

On a last note, there are people living below the poverty line in Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey and California. The casinos may bring in revenue, yet, it doesn’t always trickle down to all of the residents. And to say that all supervisory staff will be expats – wow, they do have every type of gaming class in Nevada from table games, slot technician, etc.

Cara Thoms

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