Don’t underestimate Caymanians abilities

R. Kinsey wrote: ‘A casino on any of the three islands would improve the job market. We must remember that most of the supervisory personnel would be expats. I have no idea that there are those in the population who have the training to operate the gaming systems of such an establishment.’

Do NOT – I repeat do NOT underestimate the abilities of the locals – on Cayman or any place else!

They can learn to be managers and operators of mechanical and electronic equipment. Their willingness to learn is there – is our willingness to choose them over expats there?

Think long and hard about that last question before assuming that only expats would assume managerial roles in a casino, amusement park, or any other enterprise established in the Cayman Islands.

As far as a casino in Grand Cayman – you already know my feelings about casinos – ANYWHERE.

Chris Kozicki

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