Crime is ruining tourism product

Your article on the gun running operation in Miami is punctuated by the two armed robberies at the cash transfer store in George Town and the home invasion in East End.

It won’t be long before tourists will encounter armed robbers in a rental home or while shopping and if something goes wrong, they will be shot. The Cayman Islands can kiss the tourism business goodbye if this should happen.

We, as rental property owners, have stressed safety as a lure to book foreign guests. The powers-that-be in government need to do more to reduce the crime rate, especially where firearms are involved.

When the criminals are walking around with more guns than the police, the Government should rethink its stand on all police being armed. No sane person would confront an armed criminal with nothing but a night stick.

I suspect most of the robberies are drug related; money to purchase drugs or more guns.

Stiffer sentences are needed for convicted drug and firearm convictions.
The government asks for help from the public, maybe they should be doing a better job so they would not need help from the public.

Vince Macaluso

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