Kids Zone opens

A troop of children descended on Kids Zone on North Sound Road for the grand opening of the facility on 25 September.

kids zone opens

Owners of Kids Zone Debbie Ebanks, Stephanie Romano and Cindy Scotland. Photo: submitted

The new property boasts an array of children’s entertainment and themes, as well as a games room, play area. A party room is also available for specialised bookings.

Passersby and youngsters can visit Kids Zone at any time to play.

According to owners of kids Zone Cindy Scotland, Stephanie Romano and Debbie Ebanks, the idea behind the operation is an all inclusive approach to party needs, which gives moms and dads the opportunity to enjoy the celebration, as well as an area for kids to just be kids.

There is no need for parents to play hostess or clean up. Just pick a date, choose the package and theme that is right for you and call to book and place a deposit.

‘This has always been a dream of Stepanie’s and a year ago we decided to make it a reality, as kids need fun activities that promote interaction, while giving parents the luxury of joining in the fun, if they please,’ said Owner Cindy Scotland said.

Mrs. Scotland added that she would one day like to see a Kids Zone in the Sister Islands as well.

‘It is quite nice and reminds me of Chucky Cheese,’ said one patron who chuckled about how much her children were enjoying the experience.

Party slot times are as follows: 10am-12pm; 12.30pm-2.30pm; 3pm-5pm; and 5.30pm-7.30pm.

A half hour time allotment between parties is given to allow for clean up and a $100 non-refundable deposit is required for all parties that will be held in the indoor playground no later than 48 hours after the booking.

There is a limit of two adults per invited child at each party and a free pass is given to the birthday child, which can, in turn, be used at any future date after the party.

There are several party packages to choose from including basic, supreme, premium and platinum, each of which covers all children at a particular event. Individuals or groups not planning a party are given a coupon, starting at CI$5 that can be ‘topped-up’ when needed, as with a phone card.