Dragging on at Breakers Speedway

Breakers Speedway has been host to much excitement lately.

A number of local meets have gone off in the last three months and many track records have been broken in that time.


Junior Hydes intends to run his Mustang tomorrow.
Photo: Matthew Yates

The latest happening to heighten the buzz at the track is the start of the Full Throttle Race Series this weekend.

Everything goes in motion today with registration and technical inspection at Automotive Art (the race’s main sponsor) from 8am-5pm and 7pm to 10pm.

Racing then takes place tomorrow from 7:30pm onwards.

The action will be split up into six classes with three for cars and trucks and three for motorcycles.

At press time it was understood that the major segments of racing would be the street, pro street and pro race classes.

Street refers to fully street-legal vehicles with no forced induction, pro-street would see only one type of forced induction and minor suspension upgrades (for bikes it would mean no frame modifications) and pro race would allow all racing modifications.

The series is an initiative of the Cayman Motorsports Association.

Currently the association offers a monthly dexterity race called Time Attack that alternates between Breakers and the Progressive loop.

Much of the same people who are behind the Time Attack races had a hand organizing the upcoming drag meet.

Among them is motorsports association president Bobby Hulse.

Hulse says this weekend’s race came about through a lot of money and effort by the association.

‘This weekend we’re hoping for the best. We devoted as much effort as we could to this project. We also invested money into equipment for track preparation and other things.

‘I don’t expect things to be perfect but, after the first few hiccups, I think it’ll be great for the sport.

‘Like Time Attack, I don’t expect perfection the first few times. More than likely it’ll run smooth after the first couple runs. The idea is for it to be steadily evolving like Time Attack.’

For the meet the association purchased a tow-behind sprayer to put down adhesive solution on the track. It also bound together stacks of old tires to place along the side of the track for added safety.

News of the drag meet comes after a string of exceptional races that saw some of the track’s most vaunted records broken.

West Bayer Ross Hydes now has the fastest overall time by a local driver after running a time of 6.167s on his motorcycle last month.

Hydes also set the new motorcycle record on his Honda CBR 1000 in a time of 6.187s.

Hydes’ fastest time eclipsed the mark previously held by Dail Davis.

Davis affirmed his position as having the fastest car on island with a 6.199s pass in April in his 1989 Ford Mustang.

He surpassed the time he set last September in the same car by 0.001s.

It would seem the changing of those records spurred Hulse to put on the series from now.

‘We recognize the need for organized drag racing,’ Hulse said. ‘We feel, as an association, we should take it on.

‘So far we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. People are willing to help out and we think it’ll be a success in the long run.’

Admittedly Hulse’s background is more in dexterity and circuit racing than with drag.

Years ago he raced for the CARS race team at the old Lakeview Raceway circuit track in George Town.

Since then he has been steadily involved in the association, helping out mainly through organizing Time Attack races.

Lately Hulse has had a more participatory role in those races. He can often be seen running his blacked-out Toyota Altezza in the Unlimited division.

Hulse has been quite good as well. As of last month Hulse sat in third place in his division with 560 points, 180 points behind division-leader Gary Huggins.

In addition Hulse was sixth in the overall points standings and about 40 points out of fifth place.

At this point it’s not a given that Hulse won’t try to test his skills down the 1/8 mile strip eventually.

‘I might run my car up at Breakers but interestingly enough my car will not pass tech inspection.

‘One of the rules are that you have to run with your windows up and I don’t have front door windows. I might put them in later for a run but definitely the first few races I will be officiating only.’

One man who is very familiar with local drag racing is Junior Hydes.

Most times Hydes can be seen launching an American muscle car down the drag strip.

Hydes is one of many people looking forward to competing this weekend.

‘For this meet I’ll be racing my red and yellow Ford Mustang. I’m hearing that everyone should be there and it should be a pretty big meet.

‘A couple of cars are in Jamaica but I understand the bikes (which are simply getting faster and faster) will be there and all the big drag machines should be there, especially in the unlimited class.

‘My Mustang is running good and has been giving no problems. It’s in great shape and this weekend should be a special one.

‘It sounds like a professional set-up and it all comes off as very well-organized.

‘Hopefully the performance from all the competitors is good enough for the spectators to have a good time.’

The upcoming drag meet may have many wagging their tongues at the thought of other forms of racing launching off.

However Hulse is quick to say drag and dexterity racing will be the association’s focus for now.

‘Right now between Time Attack and Full Throttle our hands are pretty full. We have some ideas about a few other avenues we would like to explore but they are only possibilities and we have to see how things pan out.’