Fishing Hall of Fame beckons Guy Harvey

Two books coming out

Cayman’s Guy Harvey is to be the inducted into The International Fishing Hall of Fame, which happens later this month.

The famed marine wildlife artist, marine biologist and conservationist, is being inducted on 27 October into the Hall of Fame at The International Game Fish Association in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

People from all over the world are inducted into this Hall of Fame and there area currently 75 men and women enshrined in it

‘You’re joining the ranks of people like Ernest Hemingway and Zane Gray and some big names. That’s why, to me, it’s such an honour,’ explained Mr. Harvey, who found out about the honour back in January and was surprised by it.

A native of Jamaica, Guy Harvey has lived in Cayman with his family for over 10 years now.

Previous to Mr. Harvey, two other members of the Hall of Fame are from the Caribbean: Dr. Luis R. Rivas, inducted in 1998, and Julio Sanchez, inducted in 2001. Both of them lived in Cuba.


Rob Kramer, President International Game Fish Association explained that Mr. Harvey has an incredible list of accomplishments which support his induction into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame.

‘If you have a passion for our oceans and have ever fished, you know of Dr. Guy Harvey. Through his generosity and many talents in business, science, angling and the arts, he has positively influenced a staggering number of people around the world.’

Mr. Kramer added that there are many individuals who have developed successful businesses within the fishing community, but only a very small, select few who have put their profits back into protecting resources the way Mr. Harvey has.

‘Through hands-on experience, Guy truly understands the needs of our oceans and the necessity for all of us to become involved in the stewardship of them. It is this knowledge that he has and continues to share with others, that has helped place him in the ranks of the greats and resulted in his most deserved recognition in the International Game Fish Association’s Fishing Hall of Fame.’

Mr. Harvey is one of five talented individuals being inducted this year, all who have made significant contributions to the sport of recreational fishing.

Each year the honorees are selected for their significant contributions through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention communication or administration of fishery services.

Mr. Harvey said, ‘What is different about me, I suppose, is that the vast majority of inductees have passed away already . . .’

Of this year’s inductees only Mr. Harvey and one other, tackle innovator Jack Erskine, are still alive.

Mr. Harvey has had a huge impact on the recreational fishing industry in general.

He explains, ‘I think the biggest compliment ever paid to me at one of these boat shows that I go to – about 10 years ago a guy came up to me and said, ‘I want to shake your hand because I want to thank you for creating a whole new industry’ and this is of course the industry of art within the culture of fishing, so it was quite a big compliment I thought.

‘There are many other people who have been inspired by the success of what I have done and accomplished to do the same thing in their own way, so we’ve opened up the whole business of sport fishing art and putting it onto apparel, having wearable art; it’s a new industry that was started two decades ago basically by me.’

Forthcoming Books

Other ventures Mr. Harvey has going this year include two books coming out.

One is a 334 page coffee table book about fishing and diving in Panama, and includes a large amount of his art plus many action fishing photos taken by him.

The book is called Panama Paradise – A Tribute to Tropic Star Lodge. The lodge is basically cut out of the side of a mountain in Pinas Bay at the edge of the Darien Jungle on the Pacific Coast of Panama and it is huge in the world’s big-game fishing destinations.

‘It’s a destination in Panama where I’ve been about 36 times since 1991,’ said Mr. Harvey, who added that it has been a great inspiration to his artwork because of the majestic nature of the place.

It is also very isolated and only accessible by boat or plane.

‘Its uniqueness is because of its isolation. Also the productivity of the ocean in that part of the world is the greatest anywhere on the planet so the opportunities for big game fishing are enormous. I filmed many of my TV shows down there, Portraits from the Deep, my kids have set many junior angler records down there and I got to the point where after so many visits I got to a threshold of content and information that I could attempt to write this book.’

The story is mostly about the fish but it also includes the chronology of how the lodge came to be, the improvements made over the years, Mr. Harvey’s direct influence on the lodge and how it influenced him in terms of production of new art work.

This book should be out before Christmas.

The other book, which he is joint author on and did all the illustrations for, is called Fishes of the Open Ocean.

‘It’s a definitive almost biological type guide to the fish that live in the ocean in the top 100 metres,’ Mr. Harvey said.

He co-wrote it with Dr. Julian Pepperell from Australia, a marine biologist. This book is due out in November.

Both books will be available in the Guy Harvey stores and through his website