Today’s Editorial October 09: MLA turns bully

Wednesday morning, former radio-talk-show-host-turned-MLA Ellio Solomon barged into the on-air Crosstalk programme on Rooster 101.

Mr. Solomon, who had been listening to the programme that featured Opposition MLA Alden McLaughlin, became upset by inaccuracies in something said by the former education minister and decided to set the record straight.

Instead of picking up the telephone and calling the radio station like other people – Crosstalk, after all, takes calls from listeners – Mr. Solomon decided to barge into the studio, interrupt the programme, and begin berating Mr. McLaughlin.

Crosstalk co-host Austin Harris, who had been asking Mr. McLaughlin some pointed questions about the government high school contracts, was clearly taken aback by the intrusion.

To his credit, Mr. McLaughlin kept his composure and actually apologised to Mr. Solomon for having repeated something he had heard that was untrue.

Mr. Solomon continued on with his rant and suggested to the listening audience that they should discount everything Mr. McLaughlin said because he had related one thing that was wrong.

Although Mr. Solomon might have had reason for being upset with Mr. McLaughlin publicly saying something that was incorrect, we are astounded by his audacity to barge into private property, take over a radio talk show in progress and start publicly berating an elected representative.

That he felt he had a right to do this is troubling. We’re really hoping this is a just case of Mr. Solomon terribly missing his old job and not indicative of a notion that he is allowed to do such things just because he is an elected representative and part of the government backbench.

If Mr. Solomon believes he can be a bully now just because of his position, he should remember that the people can easily return him to a radio talk show host next election.