Josue Carrillo-Perez tells of his weekend

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward and Defence Attorney Anthony Akiwumi were scheduled to sum up their case yesterday in the trial of Josue Carrillo-Perez, who is charged with murder.

Justice Roy Anderson heard the matter without a jury. It was not known by press time when he would announce his verdict, since he will need time to put his reasons in writing.

Carrillo-Perez is accused of murdering Martin Joseph Gareau at a residence in Beach Bay, Bodden Town, on a date unknown between 16 and 20 May 2008.

Mr. Gareau’s cousin, Gilles Langlois, has already told the court that he spoke to Martin around midday on Sunday, 18 May. He said Martin was expected at a family barbecue that night but never came.

On Tuesday, Carrillo-Perez gave evidence and said he did not kill Martin Gareau. He told the court about his friendship with the victim and what he himself what he had done that weekend, concentrating on the Sunday.

By way of background, he said he came to Cayman from Honduras in 2000, ‘trying to do something better for myself’. He had trained as a jet engine technician. In Cayman he worked in construction, then as a mechanic and then at Caribbean Utilities on generators.

He said he was fired from CUC in February 2008 because he was late three days in a row. He looked for another job, but meanwhile he was fixing people’s cars ‘on the side’ – without a work permit.

He said he began a relationship with Ysenia Perez in August 2007. She was living with two friends in a one-bedroom apartment. He was living with his sister and her family.

Carrillo-Perez said Ysenia worked at a bar in town and her roommate Maria worked at a roti shop. He met Martin Gareau in March 2008 at the roti shop, where Maria introduced them. Martin was a nice person, always in a good mood.

They met for drinks a few times and to talk. Both of them were getting divorced and they talked about relationships. Martin wanted a serious relationship with Maria.

Around the end of April, He went with Ysenia and Maria to dinner at Martin’s house. Martin cooked lobster in the oven in the upstairs kitchen and steaks on the grill in the garage downstairs.

Carrillo-Perez said he went downstairs with Martin while the two girls stayed upstairs. He talked with Marti about fixing a car that was in the garage. He said he was in the house for two or three hours.

Carrillo-Perez said he did not go to Martin’s house the weekend of 18 May. That Saturday night he picked Ysenia up from work and then got home before 3am.

On Sunday morning he got up and his sister was washing her car. He went out and helped her, then washed the car he was driving, which belonged to his other sister, Melissa.

Martin phoned him around 11 or 11.30 because he was trying to contact Maria but her phone sounded busy.

After washing the cars, he watched TV with his nephews. He left around 2 or 3pm to pick up Ysenia because they had plans to stay at a hotel for the long weekend (the Discovery Day holiday, 19 May). He listed the various bars and restaurants they went to over the next two days.

Questioned by Mr. Ward, he agreed that by May 2008 he owed over $2,000 on his car loan. Re-examined by Mr. Akiwumi, he said he had had a lot of trouble with the car, so he had decided to ‘let it go’.

He said he went to Windsor Park to see a friend before picking up Ysenia that Sunday, so he got there after 3pm. The court has already seen a hotel statement showing check-in at 4pm.

Mr. Akiwumi called Ysenia Perez and Jenny Miller as witnesses. He also called a man who said he had been running in the vicinity of Martin Gareau’s home on the Sunday morning and a police officer who related a conversation he had while guarding the crime scene.