Health care an issue here too

The issue of health insurance reform has been heating up in the states for quite some time but the talk about it here in Cayman is only slightly being brought up. How can this be?

We have a health insurance system based on the US system where insurance companies essentially hold their own customers hostage and choose to pay what they want without any real legal means of regulation. In this Island, all employees are mandated to have health insurance by their employer or through their own private means. While this certainly has been a great benefit when done correctly, when done wrong it can serve to handcuff the people of this country to health insurance companies that can raise their premiums and the employee can do nothing but pay for it because to go and get their own health insurance is incredibly expensive and few people can afford it.

This now leaves many employees, single and or family groups, to hold down their current positions at their company whether they choose to or not simply because they need health insurance.

This brings the need to a national health plan similar to the NHS in UK. While this system is not perfect and the citizens certainly pay for it themselves by means of council taxes; in my opinion most people in Cayman would not be opposed to paying the same premium that they are paying now for Health Insurance to an entity similar to the NHS here in Cayman.

This way the government of the Cayman Island does not entirely foot the bill and at the same time the citizens of the Cayman Islands contribute to the system

This will now mean that the people and families who are struggling to get by will not have to worry about taking their son/daughter to the hospital in fear that it will bankrupt them when their insurance company finds a way to not pay. We have all heard the horror stories of how these insurance companies find ways to not pay benefits that are rightfully entitled to their customers.

My question is, what will it take before we start to realise that companies, whose only way to stay viable is to not give our people the care they need, should not be allowed to operate here in the Cayman Islands?

Watler Scott