Casinos good idea for Cayman

I’m sure this is not the first time somebody has suggested the idea of a casino hotel on the Island. But it seems to me a great way to attract people to the Cayman Islands if for instance you could get a main street brand hotel/casino interested, of which I’m sure they would be falling over themselves to get the chance.

I must say I enjoy a trip to a casino from time to time, but treat it as I would any other night out. I might go with the thought that I’ve got a couple of hundred dollars that I am prepared to spend and treat it as a night of entertainment no different as if I would spend it on a couple of theatre tickets or a fancy dinner.

Just the thought of the revenue makes my head spin; all the duty on building materials; work for local builders; and the casino would need dealers, pit bosses, managers, bar staff, waiters, etc.

And how exciting for the casino itself to be the first in the Cayman Islands; think how they would advertise it, bringing more people to the Cayman Islands who may have chosen somewhere like the Bahamas instead?

Also for any particular casino brand to get the go-ahead you could ask what would they be prepared to do for the community. We may all be pleasantly surprised by the answers.

Again if you could get the right brand and cliental there could be more spin-offs such as people purchasing holiday homes.

A tax on casino gaming profits could be a great revenue yet not directly impacting the community’s weekly outgoings.

I appreciate that gambling is by some seen as not the right thing to do, but it has come a long way from smoke-filled back rooms, and now in the 21st Century is seen by some of us as just another form of entertainment.

Also some may fear that gambling could bring an upturn in crime. The way I see it, lack of work has already seen this so this could be a potential for availability of jobs that could be for the better.

I’m a keen viewer of CNBC and of late there have been regular mentions of the Las Vegas brands setting up shop in Macau so why not here in Grand Cayman?

James Austen