Cayman Prep introduces new A-level course in marine science

Cayman Prep and High School expanded its ‘A’ level course offerings with the introduction of marine science to the Year 12 and 13 programme. The course is being offered to foster action and support of local environmental and cultural issues.

Head of Sixth Form, Brendan Touhey, said: ‘It is an exciting and excellent course that really promotes awareness of local issues for our students while utilising our own marine environment.

‘It also offers students the possibility of careers in the area of Marine Science’

According to a school press release, the course focuses on global issues, but offers a unique opportunity for students who have one of the most outstanding marine science environments on their doorstep.

Some of the marine science students from Cayman Prep and High School took part in the International Reef Clean Up Day last month. The annual initiative aims to raise awareness of the need to look after our marine environments, with Divetech sponsoring the event on Grand Cayman.

The students, studying marine science at the school, helped collect rubbish from the Cobalt Coast reef. Along with many other volunteers, they accumulated a large amount of trash including domestic and industrial waste.

The dive also allowed the students to view firsthand the marine life that they are studying in its natural habitat.

‘The chance to take our classroom learning and reinforce it with an experience like this is amazing’ commented Stephanie Lewis, a Year 12 Marine Science Student.

Contact Mr. Touhey for further details at 949-9115 or e-mail [email protected]