Bocanas starve Burger King

Five-a-side football is the fastest and most exciting format of the beautiful game and on Monday the Division 1 championship game was all about thrills and spills.


Jefford came from Jamaica. Photo: Ron Shillingford

Bonaca Boys took on Burger King at the King’s Sports Centre in the final, sponsored by WestTel – and what a scorcher it was!

The five-a-side programme was started by Ray Singh, Athletic Director of King’s Sports Centre and Cayman Sports Authority and it continues to go from strength to strength.

On paper Burger King, the league champions, were the favourites. Packed with national team players including Rene Carter, Theron Wood, Justin Pierre, Dion Brandon, John Kelly and the Ebanks brothers Jedd and Jason, they are a formidable team.

But Bonaca Boys are no slouches either. They too have top level players including Richard Grant, Carolos Powery and Calvin Jefford who returned from playing for Boys Town in Jamaica just for this game.

Burger King started fast and peppered Bonaca’s goals with shots but few had the sting or accuracy to count. Bonaca soaked up the pressure and relied on fast breaks for their opportunities.

That tactic paid off just before half time when Richard Grant scored. Rolly Bodden made it 2-0 just before half time.

After the break Carlos Powery made it three and Bonaca looked to be cruising. Burger King captain Rene Carter pulled one back and then he got a second to raise his side’s hopes.

But Grant got his second to make it 4-2 and when Powery got his second and Bonaca’s fifth the match was effectively over.

Jefford said: ‘I didn’t come all the way from Jamaica to lose! We all come from the Bonaca in Honduras which is where the name comes from and we knew we would win.’