Daigle is moving FAST forward

Fast Adrenal Stress Training Defense instruction resumed last week and it was again well received by the participants.

Bob Daigle and team taught a FAST Defence personal safety seminar at the Prep school.

A cross section of women attended, Caymanians and ex-pats alike. Students were taught that over 90 per cent of communication is non verbal. Students were shown though role playing how to communicate assertively when threatened. The instructors pad up in ‘bulletman’ suits to allow students to strike them with full force, so simulating a real attack.

‘Body language, eye contact, facial expression and tone of voice convey much more than the words you say,’ said Daigle.

‘Our goal is to not react aggressively to a situation. This is like adding fuel to the fire. The opposite can get you into trouble as well. Signs of passivity and submissiveness are what predators are looking for.

‘Our instructor team demonstrates the passive, aggressive and assertive responses to a given situation. We ask the students to watch carefully and point out what got the person into trouble.

‘Students are taught how to take control of a situation verbally. We have each student come out in front of the whole class and have them take control verbally when approached by one of the male instructors playing the bad guy, aka ‘woofer’.

‘We bring the students in some bad neighbourhoods as we play the role of the bad guy. Students are taught that they have the right and responsibility to protect their personal space.’

Bulletman Troy O’Neil was in fine form, said Daigle. ‘He did a great job playing the role of the bad guy. We are fortunate to have the former Caribbean light heavyweight boxing champion as part of our team.

‘He continues to improve on how he reacts to strikes from the students. We had a new bulletman this seminar in Lance Jefferson. He really surprised me.

‘Although he’s taken a number of seminars and has attended numerous training sessions it is scary your first time play acting the role of the bad guy.

‘Also reacting to the strikes the students give you during the fights is much more difficult than it looks. Lance trained with me when he was a kid in kenpo karate. Lance went undefeated as a young fighter competing locally as well a few international karate tournaments. I told lance to ‘get used to losing every fight now that you are a bulletman’.’

Stef Pieroni was certified as a coach several seminars ago. This was the first time she played coach for the entire seminar.

‘When I mentioned to the students at the end of the seminar that this was Steffania’s first time playing coach on her own they gave her a big applause,’ said Daigle. ‘We are fortunate to have someone of her calibre on our team.’

Daigle, a karate instructor and former world champion, is the only FAST defence instructor team in the Caribbean.

‘I really enjoyed watching the look on everyone’s faces while the watched their fights at the end of the seminar on a 7ft projection TV. Everyone cheered after watching each other’s fights.

‘It was great to hear that in the closing circle that the participants felt more prepared if they found themselves in a dangerous situation in the future.’

At the end of the seminar the instructor team debriefed and discussed how they could improve for the next seminar.

They plan to teach another basics seminar in November and advanced seminars for those that have already done the basics. Survival ground fighting is Daigle’s favourite seminar.

‘This seminar teaches you how to defend yourself when you are on the ground. I have been asked this question a 100 times over the past 23 years in Cayman. ‘What do if the attacker gets me on the ground?’

‘This seminar will give you the peace of mind that if ever you were on the ground being attacked you would be prepared. We hope to have the founder of FAST Defense Bill Kipp and his wife Debra back for instructor training in the new year.’

  • Anyone interested receiving a brochure on FAST Basics, Ground Fighting, defence against armed assailants or the anti bullying seminars for children ages 6 -11 contact [email protected] or call Bob Daigle at 925-6946.