Bulldogs ready to bite

This Saturday will be epic with men’s and women’s championship games in flag football.

One of the teams taking the spotlight is the Doghouse Bulldogs.

Doghouse secured their place in the men’s final for the second straight year last Saturday with a tense 12-6 win over the Hammerheads Pirates.

Stepping up for Doghouse were offensive lineman Jon Alban, tight-end Jason Moir and linebacker Pete Wetmore.

The team won in large part due to the efforts of two-way player Jon Pump, who had the game-winning touchdown catch.

Pump was candid about his performance and expressed his pleasure that the team won.

‘It felt great making the catch. I always prefer the team to win rather than doing something great. But it was a good feeling.

‘It was definitely a good game all around and either team could have won. We came up with the clutch plays when we needed them. We liked our chances going in and we did what we had to do.’

Another solid player for Doghouse throughout the year is Sean Moyle.

His experience on Saturday was dampened a bit as he suffered a broken foot that will keep him out of the final.

The multi-talented offensive dynamo spoke about how the game went in his mind.

‘Basically I fractured the bone in my foot early in the game when I tried to make a catch over Selly (Selkirk Watler). He hurt his back, my foot was swollen up quick and we both missed the rest of the game.

‘I was really upset that I had to watch from the sidelines but the main thing was we won.

‘The interception by Aron Bush was big and Justin Bodden also made a key pick. Our defense stepped up and won the game for us.’

From here Doghouse squares off with the talented Goldfield Hellcats from West Bay.

Both squads are no stranger to one another. This year the sides finished one-two in the standings and faced off in a pair of close games this season.

Both Pump and Moyle see offense playing a big part in Saturday’s outcome.

‘Both offenses are looking good,’ Pump says. ‘Based on the stats though I think West Bay has to be worried about us. Whoever comes out on top offensively should win.

‘The game comes down to the trenches,’ Moyle says. ‘It all boils down to who can hit harder and block better. West Bay has not allowed a lot of points so if our blocks don’t happen there won’t be an open receiver down-field or a lane to run in.’