Scott’s Equipment backs local triathlon

Scott’s Equipment has stepped up as the new sponsor for next month’s Cayman Islands Triathlon.

It is on Sunday 29 November and Paula Scott, wife of Stanley Scott, had this to say regarding her approach to her company bosses in support of the sponsorship: ‘Of course I’m biased, I’m a participator and have a great passion for all sports.

‘I think it’s absolutely fantastic that my four bosses, one is my husband and three brothers-in-law, have agreed to sponsor the Triathlon for 2009.

‘I think it’s important that Scott’s Equipment, as a Caymanian-owned company, sponsor such a great event as the triathlon and encourage others to come out and join in.

‘I would love to see more participation by everyone. In today’s society it is becoming more important to exercise and to have fun too!’

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association is delighted to have found such an enthusiastic local sponsor to the tune of $10,000.

CITA President, Larry Walters, said: ‘We are pleased that the Scott family recognizes the importance of healthy community activity.

‘The Triathlon Association has shifted focus the past few years to present a race that is meaningful for any athlete or participant. The message now is: ‘If you can swim or bike or run, we want you to join us. If you want to volunteer, that will work as well, because we need the help this year, and we think you will want to compete next year.”

The Cayman Islands Triathlon, sponsored by Scott’s Equipment, offers a number of options. The sprint version comprises a 750 metre swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run, while the Olympic distance race is twice as far, at 1500 metres for the swim, 40k bike, and 10k run. Additionally, a 10k run is offered as a solo effort.

Both individuals and teams are invited to participate. In order to be as inclusive as possible, the association offers a Team Building feature, and will match individuals of different skill sets. Email [email protected], or call Team Builder Andy Bonner at 925-2789.

Three build up races are planned before the premier event to encourage people new to the sport and to give hard-working triathletes a chance to gauge their training.

The build-up races, held on Sundays, are set for 18 October, 1 November and 15 November. The first of these races involves a 400m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run so that beginners get a taste of what the multi-discipline sport is like.

The distances increase over the following weeks with the intention that everyone is ready for the full distance on 29 November.

For anyone thinking of taking up triathlon, it’s a great sport. From the moment of taking that first stroke in the swim to that last stride in the run, it’s a world of fun, accomplishment, and camaraderie.

  • For more information and registration options, please see Also, please feel free to call Race Director Kate Alexander at 946-1857 or Larry Walters at 917-3447.