Mother charged in case tampering

Taya Ramoon Truman appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, 20 October, to face charges of interfering with a witness and attempting to pervert the course of public justice.

Truman, who has been remanded as a result of the charges, is the mother of one of the defendants charged with the 5 July murder of Omar Samuels.

She is alleged to have contacted a witness in the case and tried to get them to sign a false statement.

According to Crown Counsel Nicola Moore, the defendant devised a sophisticated plan that may have also involved her sister, who is a Notary Public.

Another woman, related to the potential witness said to be contacted by the defendant, was also arrested.

However, she was bailed pending further enquiries. According to the Crown counsel, others could be charged as investigations continue.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson said he did not understand why the other woman was bailed after making an admission of guilt regarding forged letters and his client was still in custody almost two weeks later.

The attorney said the Crown’s sole witness in the case was contrary in their account of what took place and was the one to initiate contact with his client.

He questioned the reliability of the witness’ evidence in this case.

He cited numerous domestic responsibilities and work related matters that had fallen by the wayside for Truman as a result of the charges and urged the court to consider her employment and the care of her two young children, one of whom is mute.

He asked the court to consider releasing her on conditional bail in order to allay any concerns about further alleged interference.

In her remarks, the Crown Counsel said the defendant was allegedly confrontational toward the persons involved.

She said the evidence is that the defendant told those involved that she knew she should not be contacting them.

Ms Moore said this was an indication that conditions would not be adhered to by Truman.

With regard to the forged document/s, Ms Moore said the witness denied signing anything but said it was signed by her mother out of fear.

After considering the arguments, Magistrate Nova Hall ordered that the defendant remain in custody for another court appearance on 1 December.

She noted that the likelihood of more interference and the seriousness of the case were compelling enough factors to refuse bail.

The men charged in the original case of murder include Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas and Brandon Mikkyle Leslie.