Singh’s set for more high fives

The vibrant five-a-side football scene ended in championship games last week and consensus was that overall standards were the best ever in its short history at the King’s Sports Centre.

Ray Singh introduced the five-a-side programme to King’s only three and a half years ago and the athletic director there is astounded at how popular the condensed version of the beautiful game has become there.

Bonaca Boyz beat Burker King to take the Division 1 title, Paramount All Stars were Division 2 champs over HSBC and in the newly formed Division 3 league Hi Tension were unbeaten league winners who got spanked by the rapidly improving CFP Buzz Crusaders in the championship final.

‘This season has been fantastic,’ Singh said. ‘It was one of largest to date, and the noticeable difference between prior seasons, is the comfort of the players getting adjusted to dynamic league format.

‘This was our first attempt at the Division 3 social league, and it gave us a great base for the future development of the social programme.

‘The season absolutely flew by, so in reality the entire league was a highlight reel. The entire playoffs were fantastic, and all three finals were intense. The ultimate highlight for me is always getting to see the celebrations of the players after every goal. Footballers have a classic celebratory routine that I’ve become quite the fan of.’

Such was the popularity of the last season, Singh is pleasantly surprised that a number of teams have already registered for the new season starting next month.

‘At the moment, we are currently anticipating close to 30 teams again playing across our three divisions. We have some of our former teams looking to return, which should spice up the D1 programme, and we’re making a big push to really develop the D3 league into a more profound programme.’

Is he surprised by the emergence of so many teams? ‘I’d be lying if I said I thought the league would have blossomed into this massive programme in only three and a half years.

‘Looking back on the hurdles we faced early on, I’m glad to see the players really taking in the spirit of the indoor game, and hope that this continues.

‘With the introduction of the World Cup circuit and the new live-stream feature to that tournament, we’re hoping to really bump up our game, and give our players more international exposure.

‘I truly enjoy the dynamic of players that make up the league. Football is one of the truest sports around, and the largest international sport. Being able to offer a small reflection of the global diversity of the programme is truly one of our proudest achievements.’

The next five-a-side season starts on 23 November at the King’s Sports Centre. Early registration deadline is 6 November and the registration deadline is 16 November.

  • For more information, or to register, contact Raymond Singh on 946-5464 or [email protected]