Youngsters dish well to UNICEF

Assists and goals are common in the world of hockey. As evidenced by the latest results seen in the youth and men programs, Cayman hockey is no different.

However this year, in a first-ever campaign, local hockey players will make a different kind of assist, this time to less-fortunate children around the world.

The Cayman Islands Youth Roller Hockey Club is teaming up with UNICEF Cayman Kids to raise awareness and funds.

On Halloween, children disguised as ghosts, goblins, superheroes princesses and of course hockey players, will be going door to door to collect more than candy.

With their signature orange UNICEF boxes around their necks they will aim to collect much needed money for vaccines, clean water and improved nutrition for less fortunate children in troubled continents around the world such as Africa.

This October will mark the 59th anniversary of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF – in which children are encouraged to make Halloween count by helping other children.

Every penny raised goes directly to UNICEF International to support their programs and initiatives.

With over $140 million dollars to date, UNICEF brings lifesaving relief to millions of children across the globe.

This tradition also offers children the chance to gain a meaningful experience during Halloween festivities, while still having fun.

By carrying the orange UNICEF collection box, children can raise money to help other children in need, and, in the process, learn the important role they can play in helping each other.

UNICEF Cayman Kids is in its third year of operation and expanded its reach to the CI Youth Roller Hockey Club for the first time.

The hockey club, with over 160 children in the local youth roller hockey league, will assist UNICEF Cayman by encouraging hockey players to join this wonderful kids-helping-kids charity.

News of the charity comes as the WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League reaches its midway point across its four leagues: Pee Wee (13U), Atom (10U), Novice (8U) and Mite (6U).

In addition to the trick-or-treat campaign children are encouraged to think of other creative means to raise awareness about and funds for UNICEF.

Some of simple ways for kids to help are through bake sales, car washes, lemonade stands, team-to-team challenges, matching contests (e.g. for every hockey assist made or goal scored players can receive matching sponsorships), locating collection canisters at their parents’ offices and businesses and making presentations in their schools about UNICEF.

‘As a child, I remember collecting money on Halloween for UNICEF and I’m excited and proud to help continue this tradition in the Cayman Islands,’ says Scott Flegel, Director of UNICEF Cayman Kids.

‘It is my hope that we can engage children to be global citizens and teach them at a young age the importance of helping others that are less fortunate.’

Flegel is also a volunteer hockey coach and thinks the opportunity to involve young athletes is a wonderful way to reinforce this kids-helping-kids philosophy.

‘Hockey is a wonderful team sport and couldn’t happen without the volunteers. Involving the children in the UNICEF campaign will not only improve their team-building skills but begin to inspire children about the rewards of volunteerism.’