Fierce Budget Beavers bite hard

Tonight marks the fourth week of men’s roller hockey.

The WestTel Arena at Kings Sports Centre sees a pair of games from 8pm.

MEPCO High Rollers host CDMS first before the Barracudas and the Budget Beavers square off at 9pm.

All four teams play in the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey league.

Coming into tonight’s game all eyes are on Budget as they continue to set the pace atop the league standings.

The Beavers are 3-0 behind a juggernaut offense that has scored the most goals, 36, in the league.

In second are the MEPCO High Rollers at 2-1, who have allowed the fewest goals, 18, thus far.

From there come the 1-2 Barracudas and winless 0-3 CDMS.

In spite of all the goal-scoring a few goalies have done well. John Cowan of the High Rollers paces the group with 16 saves, three goals allowed and an 81.3 save percentage.