Travers makes handicap pay

The Wednesday Night Running Club may have to extend to every night of the week to accommodate all the people who are joining it.

Started a year ago by extreme endurance athlete Tony ‘Duff Geezer’ Watts with a handful of people, it has mushroomed into a sizeable club with a big group running from the World Gym every Wednesday night at 6pm.

The WNRC had the first of its annual club championships last month to much acclaim.

It was a two-race competition of three miles, where runners were handicapped on a time basis, the start being staggered, with the fastest runners starting last.

The individual start times for the first race were based on previous competitions and adjusted slightly using knowledge of current form.

The start times for the second race were based on the finishing times of the first race; so if everyone had run the same speed in the second race that they ran at in the first they would have all finished in a dead heat.

They didn’t of course because everyone ran quicker in the second race, on average by 90 seconds. The winner was the one who placed best in both races.

Forty-one people took part and the first four overall were only separated by a few points.

Winner was triathlete Pam Travers, second was Rhonda Laws, third Paula Scott and after a lot of griping about his handicap, Dave Bennett managed to come fourth.

A presentation evening was held at Rackhams last week and a large group turned out for the social. They included the triathlon association Larry Walters, coach Jerry Harper and Stan Scott, Paula’s husband and the main sponsor of the Cayman Islands Triathlon through Scott’s Equipment.

Travers received an engraved stainless steel water bottle as a permanent momento and her name added to the club trophy which she can hang on to for 12 months.

Watts managed in typical enterprising style to arrange some lovely spot prizes that included a Blackberry and some of his own property that he generously gave away.

‘With the Cayman Marathon looming on 6 December and the Cayman Triathlon the week before, this is a busy time of year for WNRC,’ said Watts.

‘Lots of people are training hard to meet their personal challenges and are coming along on Wednesday night as part of their training.

‘Monday night intervals is getting more popular too. We’re hoping to enter some teams in the four person relay which is a really good way for people to take part without doing the entire 26.2 miles themselves.’