Make paraquat importation illegal

Well, perhaps now the Department of Agriculture will believe that Island Veterinary Services was right all along, as they usually are, based on their extensive experience with cases such as paraquat poisoning.

I don’t know how many more animals have to die before either the DoA or our lawmakers will do something about this. I am still waiting on an invitation from the DoA to show me and I’m sure others, why, where and how paraquat is being applied by their bona fide farmers.

I have done some checking around and it seems nobody besides the DoA is importing paraquat; round-up is all they have no matter who I called. Conclusion: The DoA’s statement that they have no control nor not knowing who imports paraquat besides themselves is not holding up very well and is actually a very good thing as we now only have to stop the DoA from bringing it in, which should really be not that hard to do considering their everlasting excuses.

Perhaps now they can explain why paraquat killed this dog and so many others, but in this instance on tranquil and wonderful South Sound Road to take your pooch and yourself for a walk. It seems clear that now that I know nobody else supplies paraquat; how did it end up on South Sound Road? Some careless bona fide farmer who did not lock it up for others to get a hold of, or perhaps some sinister scheme killing dogs just for fun?

I am also still waiting for some public report now that the police are involved in the recent killings, either from the RCIPS or the DoA.

Awaiting your public reply.

Ron Moser