Needless trips, spending continue

To clarify the comments contained in your November 4th article on the criticism of lack of control over the growth Civil Service, the blame was attributed to successive governments, not just the PPM.

The first announcement on the economic crisis, from the current LOGB, before any plans were made to address the problem, was to state categorically that there would be no layoffs, or reductions in salaries and benefits, for the public sector. All we received was a promise that there would be a “reduction in expenditure”.

One obvious means of cutting expenses is to reduce overseas travel. Yet, reading just the November 4th Compass, we see that it is business as usual for our civil servants, with their jetset junkets. Why do we have to send six local representatives to Orlando (including no less than five from the CIAA) for the Aviation show, and six more to Monaco,( one of the most expensive resort destinations in Europe), for the boat show.

In particular why does the Civil Aviation Authority need to attend a boat show in the first place, unless the Director General and his bar buddy have a particular liking for Monaco Mojitos.

The Parks Authority does a wonderful job maintaining our parks and cemeteries, yet due to Government constraints it cannot find $1,000 for the grass sod in the Watler Road Park, which badly need replacing. Perhaps Mr. Richard Smith can inform the public how much was spent on their trip to Monaco.

Roger M. Davies