Iguana removal methods queried

Monitors keeping an eye out

The invasion of Green Iguanas on Cayman’s beaches has sparked a war between man and beast.

A Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Officer’s investigation into reports of iguanas being removed from the Westin Casuarina property found the methods used ‘may have not been the most appropriate’, according to the department’s Acting Assistant Director Brian Crichlow.

Animal Welfare Officer Margaret Baldino’s report said the people responsible for removing the iguanas at the Westin were relocating them to undeveloped areas of the North Sound side of the West Bay Road strip.

Mr. Crichlow says the department does not object to relocating the animals as long as it is done humanely using cages or crates to transport the animals.

He did not respond to a question on whether the investigation substantiated reports that iguanas had been killed on the property.

With the population of at an all time high, the Island is becoming overrun with the invasive greens.


A non-native species to Cayman, the greens are protected under the Animals Law, which stipulates that it is illegal for people to harm them.

‘The Animal Welfare Officer advised all of the key parties concerned of the iguanas’ status under the law’, said Mr. Crichlow. ‘The Animal Welfare Officer continues to monitor the situation, including random visits to the property in question’.

The Westin Casurina management did not respond to requests for comments by press time.