Premier Bush takes office

The gray skies didn’t halt the swearing in ceremony for Cayman’s first Premier, Deputy Premier and Deputy Governor outside the legislative assembly Friday.

It's official. Cayman has a new Premier.

Premier McKeeva Bush (left) signs the oath of office as Governor Stuart Jack (right) observes, along with Opposition Leader Kurt Tibbetts (in background). Photo: Stuart Wilson

Hundreds braved the wet weather to celebrate Constitution Commencement and witness history in the making as the new modernised Constitution officially replaced the 1972 document.

Lifelong civil servant Donovan Ebanks took his oath as the country’s first deputy governor, next in line was Works Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly who was sworn in as deputy premier.

And with friends, family, party members, and rivals looking on, the longest serving current member of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly was sworn in as the first Premier of the country.

A jovial Premier McKeeva Bush joked about his 25 years in politics calling his job ‘a hard taskmaster’ and adding ‘for this morning you love, by this afternoon you will curse me.’

The mood took on a more serious note when it came to the challenges that lie ahead and the new responsibilities the Constitution now gives lawmakers.

Speaking about the love-hate relationship that is often felt between the UK and Cayman, Premier Bush vowed to work with the new governor and other UK officials, but assured attendees that he is now the ‘chief defender of these islands’ and he will do whatever is necessary to uphold that role.

The ceremony ended on a high note, literally, with the Premier singing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

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