Al la Ke-job for one young Caymanian

Darion Molina was 15 years old on the day he started his work experience at Al La Kebab restaurant in the summer of 2008.

al la kejob

Work experience leads to a job: from left, Alan Silverman, Darion Molina, and Orland Lucero. Photo: submitted

During the two-week work placement, he learned to chop tomatoes, slice cucumbers, dice red peppers and eventually to grill pita bread, flip skewers and roll kebabs.

A press release states his international training team, consisting of chefs from Vietnam, Jamaica, Philippines and India, gave him rave reviews from the start, their main comment being that he listens and does not talk a lot – a quality many chefs appreciate.

Darion took the evaluation back to John Gray High School with great pride when he went to finish his final year. During his summer vacation, he continued to work some part-time shifts at the restaurant.

Early in 2009, Darion called Alan Silverman, the founder of Al La Kebab and asked for a full-time position.

‘I was thrilled to hear from him,’ Mr. Silverman recalls. ‘Darion has a great attitude and I was glad to make him a full member of the team.’

Mr. Molina now works shifts in the original location at the Marquee Plaza as well as in the new kitchen in Georgetown where he will soon be trying his hand at the breakfast menu.

‘I enjoy working with my co-workers and I am especially happy to have money coming in. I am saving for a motorbike, or maybe a car,’ the now 17-year-old Caymanian said.

‘I am very grateful to the work experience programme at John Gray High School, particularly Maggie Jackson, Head of Careers, for introducing us to this young man, who has become a valuable member of our operation,’ said Mr. Silverman.