Boutique takes on NOMA

A local boutique that specialises in high end, one of a kind women’s fashion and accessories is doing its part to battle a deadly and disfiguring disease.

In addition to the provision of caring customer service and modern designs, owner/manager of Silhouette Ladies Fashion & Accessories, Javana Phillips-Broad is now showing the kinder side of corporate Cayman by promoting the sale of dresses in aid of children suffering from the debilitating disease known as NOMA.

The World Health Organisation estimates that in excess of 140,000 children die needlessly from the flesh eating disease every year. Children who contract the disease suffer a slow death as they lose the use of their mouths and become unable to smile, to swallow food or eventually drink water.

If left untreated, NOMA devours the entire face and the child remains an outcast within his or her own family and family tribe.

This is a bacterial virus that should not exist in the 21st century and was previously eradicated in the modern world due to the introduction of antibiotics.

Facing Africa is a UK- registered charity that sends experienced surgeons on missions to the African NOMA belt stretching from Nigeria to Ethiopia each year at a cost of $65,000 per trip and desperately needs further funds to continue its essential work.

In recognition of the charitable efforts of Facing Africa, Silhouette is promoting two dresses in the theme of the upcoming event, ‘Havana Nights’, to be held on Saturday, 14 November, at the Grand Old House by Hedge Funds Care, a US charity created to protect children worldwide.

Each dress has been hand made in Seville, Spain to the highest standards with prices negotiable and 100 per cent of all funds raised being sent to Facing Africa

‘Silhouette is so pleased to be able to help such a great cause as there can be no better reason to raise monies than for the assistance of the sick and poverty stricken, particularly when those affected are children, the most vulnerable amongst us that require the highest levels of care and protection,’ said Ms Phillips-Broad.

‘As corporate Cayman becomes more aware of its social responsibility, both locally and on an international platform, it is good to be a part of the movement.’

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these unique dress designs should call 943-2746 or visit the store at Treasure Island Resort which is open daily.

Facing Africa is actively supported in the Cayman Islands by Stuarts Attorneys, Krys & Associates, dms Management ltd., RBC Wealth Management and Tower Marketing.

A marathon will be held on 21 February, 2010, in aid of the charity. Corporate groups of five runners, each covering 6 miles are encouraged. Look out for further information in the press as to how to register for this exciting event.