Movember kicks off with a clean shave

Men converged on Coconut Joe’s last weekend to kick off the month of Movember with a clean shave.

To mark the shave off event, several Mo Sisters were on hand to sit men down in chairs, lather them up and shave off all evidence of facial hair.

During the entire month, men throughout Cayman grow moustaches as part of a yearly campaign to raise awareness about prostrate and testicular cancer.

The month-long event culminates at Margaritaville on 27 November in a Mosquerade Ball, where men dress up in costumes that match their moustaches and compete for coveted titles such as: Trucker, Magnum PI, Ginger, U/12 (fake) and an open category.

Money raised during the Movember campaign is donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Many men participate because they have lost family and friends to cancer.

As a first-time participant, David Byrne of Walkers, was taking part to honour all four of his grandparents who had died from cancer. Since he has never grown a moustache before, Mr. Byrne has been looking at examples on Movember’s website and is thinking about a trucker style.

‘I think I will grow a beard and then shape into something creative,’ he said.

Chef Ron Hargrave, also known as Chef Mo, said it was a treat to have a thorough shave by the Mo Sisters.

‘Even the next day, I still felt pretty clean shaven,’ he said. ‘It is great to be involved in this because men tend to shy away from this problem.’.

As the official chef of the shave off, he also cooked shrimp on the barbie. Beer, in plentiful supply was donated by Movember sponsor Budweiser.

‘Movember was born through the recognition that men were lacking a way to engage and actively involve themselves in their own health,’ said Movember chairman Tim Rossiter.

‘Judging by the very enthusiastic response from both men and women, it is clearly a cause that inspires everyone,’ he said.

All men are at risk of prostate cancer, according to Emma Hislop of the Cancer Society. ‘We encourage men to have a discussion with their doctor about prostate cancer screening at the age of 50,’ she said.

‘Dark-skinned men and those with a family history are at greater risk and should have this discussion by the age of 40.’

Other Movember sponsorships include TeleCayman, Cay Rock, X 107, Butterfield and CML.