Brac student learns to lead

It’s not every day that a young person gets the opportunity to travel overseas to attend a prestigious programme at one of the world’s most famous universities.

But that was the case for Cayman Brac student Rudy Walton, from Cayman Brac High School’s grade 10 class. He recently returned from Harvard University in Boston where he attended a People to People Leadership Summit. Rudy attended this programme along with fellow delegates from around the world.

A press release states that during the week-long programme, Rudy learned about effective leadership and how to develop his own leadership abilities to make a difference at home. Professional speakers, workshops, and visits to significant local venues gave Rudy a new perspective on what it takes to lead.

‘The Leadership Programme showed me how to become a better leader in using the different techniques to help the others to understand the lesson that you are teaching to them. How not everyone can be a leader; sometimes you need to follow,’ said Rudy.

‘The thing that I enjoyed the most was the Team Building day where we went in to the woods participating in activities such as tree climbing; where your other teammates supported you and gave you the reassurance that everyone were in it together.

‘I was also able to enjoy a trip aboard the USS Constitution Old Iron-side, an old battleship used during the Civil War, on the day of its annual harbour run,’ said Rudy.

‘I think that I grew personally in helping other classmates in following their own learning techniques; which enabled me to help them easier and with a higher efficiency than before.’

At the programme, Rudy was ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens’ – which discusses tough issues and life changing decisions that teens face every day.

‘It helps improve self image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, and achieve your goals,’ said Rudy.

People to People Leadership Summits are designed to allow students chance to explore the various aspects of leadership in specific context, and they are held in prestigious venues around the US.

Programmes focused on the role of young men and women as leaders, politicians or community servants and help them discover their own potential. They offer students a unique blend of specialised education, leadership, and cultural exposure a well an itinerary filled with highlight of the hosting community.

Participants often develop life-changing attitudes toward individual and shared responsibilities global leadership, appreciation of cultural diversity, and enhanced personal growth and self confidence.

Rudy was able to attend this summit with assistance of personal funding from Moses Kirkconnnell.