Cayman grannies in sweetheart contest

Two of Cayman’s Glamorous Grannies recently got the opportunity to brag about and boost the Cayman Islands as ambassadors in a Seniors Sweetheart pageant in the United States.

Jewel Smalldon, 80, director of the Glamorous Granny Pageant and 58-year-old granny beauty winner Darene Scott were two of 15 contestants who sang, danced, did skits and provided entertainment for a very appreciative audience at the Ms Senior Sweetheart pageant.

The pageant was held at the B.M.C. Durfee High School auditorium in Fall River, Massachusetts, on 8 November.

Women ages 58-84 from throughout America, the Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands participated in the Lions Club fundraiser started over 30 years ago.

Cheri Ann Schear, 73, of Missouri, a former symphony orchestra soloist, won the title.

The Cayman seniors may not have brought back the crown, but the experience they gained, the memories left behind and the thought of representing Cayman has made them proud.

‘It would have been nice to have won and brought home the crown but that did not happen,’ said Ms Smalldon. ‘We did receive international trophies for participating, gifts and salutations from the governor of Massachusetts.’

‘To us it was not just about winning, but the opportunity to boost the Cayman Islands,’ said Ms Scott. ‘We got the opportunity to share with others the beautiful aspects of our Cayman culture and heritage.’

Each participant had a moment in the spotlight, with some performing skits, some sang, others danced and a few even told stories before the packed audience at the auditorium.

For her talent, Ms Smalldon performed a skit titled Cleaning Lady dressed in a t-shirt and dusting cap. Ms Scott wooed the judges with a calypso dance dressed in a festival queen costume designed by local designer Ted Smith.

Ms Smalldon chose for her evening wear an off-the-shoulder fuchsia pink gown with a spray of silver sequins. Her shoes were just as noticeable. They were decorated with a splash of pink silver sequins.

Ms Scott wore a v-neck, sleeveless evening dress decorated with se quins and rhinestones.

‘I loved the whole glitzy affair,’ said Ms Scott. ‘It was something different for me and we were treated like royalty by everyone.’

‘The pageant really opened my eyes and has given me a better idea for our local pageant,’ said Ms Smalldon. ‘I think I will be going internationally with the Glamorous Granny contest which has been running for the past 15 years.’

During the stay in Fall Rivers, Ms Smalldon along with Ms Scott and past full figure winners Valerie Russell and Joy Ebanks participated in a number of guided tours, a nursing home visit for the elderly and disabled children and went on a boat cruise.

Ms Smalldon started the first Cayman granny contest 15 years ago with 13 contestants at Cayman Prep School. The fuller-figure and modern miss competitions were added in later years.