Lions and Rotary target fishing

The local Rotary and Lions Clubs are adding fishing to their resume of community events.

That is because the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and Lions Club of Grand Cayman are coming together to host a fishing tournament next weekend.

Saturday sees the start of the ‘Fishing for Community Service’ tournament across the Cayman Islands.

Anglers in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac are slated to swarm Cayman’s calm waters from 7am.

Fishing is slated to take place throughout the day and wrap up at 4pm. Thereafter anglers take their catches to the weigh stations from 4pm to 6pm.

Action continues on Sunday November 22 at the same times.

Camana Bay will host one weigh station in Grand Cayman while the Alexandria hotel hosts the other station in Cayman Brac.

The tournament allows wire-lines thus no catches will be eligible for line class records.

Nevertheless many cash prizes are slated to be available for both adult and junior anglers.

For the adults CI$2000 is on offer for the biggest catch in each of the Wahoo, Dolphin and Yellowfin Tuna categories.

Second-place in any section reaps CI$1000 while third place nabs CI$500.

The heaviest catch for a female angler earns CI$1000 while the second-biggest nabs CI$500.

For the junior anglers top prize is CI$300 for the biggest catch in each of the Wahoo, Dolphin, Yellowfin Tuna and Barracuda sections.

Second place in any category reaps CI$150 while third place earns a gift certificate.

The tournament gets officially in motion next Thursday with a registration period on both islands.

Abacus restaurant in Camana Bay hosts the Grand Cayman registration while the Alexandria hotel is the site for the Cayman Brac anglers.

Registration takes place at both locations from 6:30pm to 8pm and involves a number of fees.

Each competing boat with up to four anglers sees a CI$400 entry fee. Any additional angler pays CI$150. Any junior angler who is aged 14 or younger on the day of the tournament pays a CI$25 fee.

The prize-giving ceremony for the tournament takes place on Tuesday November 24 at 7pm at the Abacus restaurant in Camana Bay.

The Cayman Islands Angling Club and Camana Bay are the main supporters of the tournament.

News of the competition comes months after the last angling event in August.

The annual Billfish release tournament had a surprisingly small haul as only four catches were made in the event.

First place overall would go to the crew aboard the Baharia as angling brothers Keith and Scott Strang produced two releases.

Second place went to the crew of Yorkshire Rose as Reece Hester had a release the same day as the Strang brothers. Third place went to the Strike Force crew as angler Curtis White was able to secure one release just hours before the end of the tournament.

All of the fish caught by the different crews were Blue Marlins.

The tournament saw 11 registered boats combing the waters around Grand Cayman in search of spearfish, sailfish, white marlin or blue marlin.

The top prizes for that tournament were CI$2000 cash, a Penn International 50lb Rod and Reel combo and a Carey Chen print.