Role players must step up

Good sports teams have great star players. The really great teams have fantastic role players.

By and large the star players have excelled in the Appleby U19 League. Now it is time for the role players to rise to the occasion.

They get their chance this Sunday with the next batch of games at the Arts and Recreation Center at Camana Bay.

From 3pm-8pm all 10 teams in the Boys and Girls divisions will be in action.

The Girls are up first and see the Comets at the Monarchs. Without a doubt Felecia Connor is the star of the Comets. However the team needs role players like Rose-Marie Wilson to continue giving support.

At the same time the Comets will need to keep Chloe Powery and April Ebanks from helping out the star McLean sisters in Christina and Christsania.

From there the Lynx host the Sparks. Letanya Thompson may be guiding the Lynx but the team’s success hinges on the play of Amber Watson and Lexie Solomon.

All three have to make sure Abigail Stoddard does not get going in support of Courtisha Ebanks and Latorae Nixon.

Over in the Boys division all eyes may be on Brandon Glasgow and Patrick Barnes of the Beach Suits Shockwaves. But the difference-makers are role players like sharp-shooter Alex Ebanks and big man Diego Smith.

If the John Gray Panthers don’t give them enough respect then it will be a long game for Mario Gray and company.

With the Wolves taking on the Esso Blazers thereafter it would seem all focus shifts on Tikko Moore. But the big man is just one of many pieces on a deep Wolves team featuring the likes of Raheim Robinson and Brandon Thompson.

On the other hand it would be a mistake to think Esso is all about Jamaal Miller. Avondre Nixon and Ricardo Ebanks have enough potential to cause damage on the wing.

From there the Playmakers do battle with Future Sports Club. For all the exploits of Bruce Thompson and Larue Nixon the real key to the Playmakers is role players like Neith Rhinegold and Jordan Cacho.

On the other hand Future need players like Rashad Powery-Saunds and Kadane Hall to continue stepping up in support of Jarrett Terry and Keon Bodden.