Pirates’ Week road closures

Drivers beware, several main George Town roads will be closed for Pirates’ Week festivities.

Today, Friday 13 November beginning at 5:30 pm

Harbour Drive/Fort Street Junction

Boilers Road, South Church Street junction, Shedden Road at Royal Bank

Junction of Goring Avenue and Harbour Drive

Hard Rock, Harbour Drive junction and Cardinal Avenue/Albert Panton Street

Saturday, 14 November at 12:30 pm

Memorial and South Church Streets

Boilers Road and Walkers Road

Exit of Kirk Parking lot and South Church Street

Exit of Kirk Parking lot and Goring Avenue

Goring Avenue and South Church Street

Fort Street and North Church Street

Shedden Road and Mary Street

Dr. Roy’s Drive and Edward Street

Edward Street and Fort Street at Town Hall

Elgin Avenue and Hospital Road

Saturday, 21 November at noon

Boilers Road and South Church Street

Elgin Avenue and Shedden Road

Fort Street and Harbour Drive and all minor access routes