Junior Achievers learn from dms

Junior Achievement officers interact with successful members of the business community during the annual officer training session.

Dms President Don Seymour

Dms President Don Seymour speaks at Junior Achievements annual officer training session

Keynote speaker Don Seymour shared his knowledge and keys to success as President of dms with more than 60 student officers covering a range of topics including business ethics, company start-up and leadership.

‘The JA programme is integral in providing hands-on experience to young minds about the business world, exposing them to real life situations that they will, in time, encounter. It educates and inspires young people to value free enterprise, business and economics, it teaches them invaluable live lesions about the business world,’ said Don Seymour President of dms. ‘It was my privilege to share my insight and experience with such a bright and engaged group of students.’

Representatives from several different businesses in the community also volunteered their time to speak with the kids at last month’s training session.