Food drive reaches out to needy families

For so many people, just putting food on the table is a big concern right now.

That is why a team of eight women from Cayman Believers Ministry have stepped up to the plate. They intend to feed as many needy families as they can before the food drive deadline of December 12.

The Project Love Good Neighboring Feeding the Hungry drive is an effort which needs the community’s support, said founding member Judy Faye McGaw.

‘Needy families do exist in the Cayman Islands, they always did. It is more evident now because of the downturn in the economy and we need to lend a helping hand,’ she said.

She said the food drive had managed to feed 45 families in need from East End to West Bay, but many more were in desperate need.

The team of eight women has been seen at local supermarkets making a plea to shoppers to support these families in Cayman who can’t make ends meet.

‘We are asking the community to please pick up some extra non-perishable food items on their next trip to the supermarket and place items in the food baskets provided. Persons can also support the cause by giving a monetary donation,’ said Ms McGaw.

For those person who have food items but do not have time to drop them off, the group is willing to do a pickup.

If you would like to support the women’s ministry in aiding these families you can make a donation directly to the Cayman Believers Ministry or by contacting one of the members, Judy Faye at 525-7077, Julie at 916-2118, Lana at 916-5380 or Ellen at 926-3062.

There is also is a drop off point at National Security Services Offices in Trinity Square on Eastern Avenue.

Cayman Believers Ministry expressed its gratitude to Foster’s Group, Cayman Ark and the many individuals who have contributed to the cause.