Barkers gets spruced up

Barkers beach got a much needed sprucing up 14 November thanks to the hard work of volunteers from Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman), Ltd. and Citibank, Bahamas.

barkers get spruced up

Volunteers cleaning Barkers beach as tourists take in a scenic horse ride. Photo: Submitted

The Caymanian Compass previously reported the need for a debris management programme for Barkers Beach after it was brought to their attention by Paul Rivers, owner of Spirit of the West horseback riding centre. Mr. Rivers called for more to be done to keep the beach clear and attractive so it can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Tracie Sewell, Office Manager of Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman), Ltd decided to do something about it.

‘After reading the article I contacted Mr. Rivers and suggested that we help,’ she said.

‘He showed us the worst areas and we set about collecting the garbage. It was amazing how much there was and over the course of the morning we were able to fill in excess of 15 large bags.’

This effort was part of Citi’s Global Community Day, which is a worldwide programme involving 50,000 Citi volunteers working on hundreds of projects in hundreds of cities around the world.

‘However, Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman), Ltd., and Citibank, Bahamas are keen to help keep this beautiful part of the Island trash free on an ongoing basis and are hoping to work with Cayman Pride to ensure that regular beach cleanups can be scheduled in the future,’ said Ms Sewell.

William McMakin, Director of Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman), Ltd., added ‘It’s great to see our employees are caring enough to take time out of their busy schedules to invest their own time in helping the community’.

The volunteers on Saturday were Marva Jackman, Tracie Sewell, Nora Ebanks, Laura Missal, Ben Taylor, Christine Burke-Richardson, Andrea Thomas-Myles, Karen Wade, Bonnie Gomez, Darlene Zelaya, Juana Robinson from Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman), Ltd., and Gregory Stuart from Citibank, Bahamas.