Cayman needs people

Basia Pioro has done an excellent job in her detailed article on 25th November describing the woes of the development and construction industries here. It is refreshing (if worrisome) to see the honest responses to her questions from those in the trenches. And it is good to see that the informative statistics from the ESO are now receiving the scrutiny they deserve.

The most telling and insightful comment is at the very end of the article. Mr. Flowers says that ‘development [is] not an industry that drives itself, its success depends on demand’. This ties back to the comment from Mr. Gibb that ‘without tourism and the financial industry bringing more people…, the construction industry will be halted’. They would have done well also to add that Government revenues will face a similar result!

There could not be a clearer and more chilling message that the community and Government at all levels need to understand. Cayman must raise the level of its game in this extremely competitive world to attract more people and businesses physically to come here. Many people inside and outside Government do understand this, but the challenge for the current political leadership is to get buy in from everyone to make this a reality rather than a wish.

Timothy Ridley