Thanksgiving – Thanks but no thanks

Traditionally a celebration of bringing in the harvest, Thanksgiving is celebrated at varying times of the year depending upon the country.

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Dont over-indulge this Thanksgiving

On the islands of Cayman, international that we are, Thanksgiving celebrations go ahead on 26 November, with formal and informal dinner parties.

I will again attend a Thanksgiving turkey celebration hosted by a friend who gives thanks for all his friendships on the island at the ideal Cayman venue: the beach.

The symbolism of Thanksgiving relates to an attitude of gratitude for the abundance, harvest and provision in life. We truly have much to be grateful for.

It is also the advent of a season of over-eating, extra wining and dining, decoration, gift-giving, special treats and generally a fast fall into over-indulgence.

Maybe this year you will choose to do things differently with health in mind. Lifestyles offers the following tips to help you keep the scale from tipping too high and that belt buckle from getting too tight over Thanksgiving and through the Christmas season.

Stuff the turkey, not yourself. Realise your limits with food and drink, and do not surpass them to where your belly hurts and you only want to ‘veg out’. (An oxymoron?)

Say ‘thanks’ but ‘no thanks’ to second helpings.

Keep active throughout the days and weeks ahead. Go for a walk, take a swim, show up at the gym or water class, and stay committed to your health and wellness.

Eat a light breakfast with fresh fruits and a light lunch with fresh salads on the feast days.

Avoid arriving too hungry by having a late afternoon snack. Oranges are a great late-afternoon energy booster.

Take your time eating. By eating slowly, we become satisfied with less food.

Be selective in your food choices. Trade off an everyday food choice for something served only at Thanksgiving.

Drink plenty of water. Sweets and alcohol make you thirsty, so be sure to hydrate with plenty of water.

Appreciate your physical body and give thanks for it as it is the vehicle of your spirit and soul during this life’s journey. Treat it well with good food, fresh air, water, rest, relaxation and recreation.

Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’ towards your physical body, even if you are not at the ideal weight and size you would like to be.

Do what you can to improve what you are not happy with. The power to change is within you.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well and give thanks.