Prison records are questioned

Part of the Crown’s case against Randy Lebert Martin, 37, is the connection he had with Sabrina Schirn, whom he is accused of murdering in March this year.

Searchers found the body of Ms Schirn on 17 March in an area of East End near the prison farm where Martin had worked.

On Friday, the third day of trial, Defence Attorney Adam King challenged prison records introduced to show that Sabrina visited Randy at Northward Prison, where he is serving a sentence.

Prison Officer Simpson, who said he was second in charge of security, showed the court the various records used to keep track of people who visit inmates or bring them hand-ins.

He was questioned by Solicitor General Cheryll Richards, Mr. King and Justice Charles Quin, who is hearing the matter without a jury because Marin elected that mode of trial.

Mr. Simpson said a new prisoner makes a list of people who will come to see him or bring him things. The list can be added to. One copy is kept at the checkpoint, where visitors first approach the compound, and the other list is kept at the gate. Each visitor has a number.

Mr. King asked if he understood correctly – that the visitor goes to the checkpoint and the officer opens the record book and writes the date and number of the visitor; then the visitor goes to the gate house and the officer there does the same thing.

‘Most likely,’ Mr. Simpson replied.

Questioned by Mr. King, Mr. Simpson agreed that, for Martin, one list of visitors was longer than the other.

He also agreed that Sabrina Schirn was #15 on one list and #16 on the other. Asked if there were any entries for #16 on the dates Sabrina allegedly visited, he answered ‘No’.

Justice Quin then asked – if Sabrina is #16 on one visitors list and #15 on the other, didn’t that defeat the purpose of having lists?

‘Possibly,’ Mr. Simpson said.

He acknowledged there are closed circuit television cameras at the gatehouse. This CCTV system would record visitors. Asked if records would be available from February and May 2008, when Sabrina supposedly visited Martin, Mr. Simpson said they should be.

He was asked to find them and return to court with them when the trial resumes.

Other evidence from Mr. Simpson included records of prisoners leaving and returning to the prison. On 11 March, the day Sabrina’s friends and co-workers last saw or talked with her, Randy Martin’s name was on a list of seven men going to work on the prison farm in East End.

They left at 8.20am and returned at 3.20pm. Mr. Simpson said prisoners are searched coming back into the prison and when leaving as well.

Three inmates were among the 20 witnesses heard from so far.

Derrick Osney Bush, 20, said he had been in a relationship with Sabrina. After going to prison he maintained contact with her by phone and she would visit him.

Martin asked Bush for Sabrina’s phone number and he gave it. Bush said Martin told him Sabrina was going to do something for him, but didn’t say what or when. He said the request for the number was ‘long before’ Sabrina’s death, but sometime in 2009.

Cross-examined by David Evans QC, Bush agreed that after he and Sabrina broke up, she was together with Martin’s nephew. It was suggested that the nephew had ganja which he gave to Sabrina to bring for Martin.

The witness refused to answer several questions and Justice Quin told him he could be in contempt of court and get more time in prison.

Bush said he was offended by the attorney shouting at him and Mr. Evans apologised. He then agreed that, although he had never worked at the prison farm, he knew girls would visit there and it was another way ganja would be brought into the prison.

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