Bad drivers curb fun run

First of all let me thank everyone involved in organizing the Diabetes 5k run/walk this past Saturday. It was a great turnout on a windy day, free to enter, which is always nice, and with lots of refreshments and some good spot prizes at the finish.

I would particularly like to thank the driver of the white SUV who made a Michael Schumacher-style manoeuvre, doing at least 60 miles per hour, to overtake a car doing near a bunch of runners on the opposite side of West Bay road.

I know I must have finished at least a minute faster than normal having got pulled along in his slipstream. It’s a shame my eyes got sucked back in my head as I would have loved to get his license plate number and thank him personally.

If this was an isolated event I would brush it off but these days you cannot go out for a run or a bike ride without having the paramedics on standby and having said goodbye to all your loved ones first.

My question is: when is something going to done about the traffic problem on this island? There is no policing of the roads, no-one to pull you over for texting whilst driving; for not using turn signals or wearing a seat belt; to ticket cars in town parked over double yellow lines or on the pavements, making people walk onto the road.

I know the police force is sparse and the government is strapped for cash. But if speed cameras were installed on main roads and on every traffic light this island would soon be debt free and we would have no need for a lottery.

It makes no sense to me to have so many people from so many diverse backgrounds driving on our roads with impunity. If you have a visible presence and hit someone where it hurts – in their wallet – they are less likely to do it again.

James Ogden