An act of animal cruelty

I need a little space in your letters page to say to the person or persons who took my dog off my front porch

Three weeks ago, some one removed my dog off my front porch in Bodden Town and took her all the way to North Side and dumped her on the road where she was killed by a speeding car.

I think this was a cruel act by whoever took her. She was a Lhasa Apso, 14 years old and a loved member of our family who would never hurt anyone.

She was a tiny little dog just eight and a half pounds and very friendly with everyone. Precious was her name.

With all that rain we had she went missing on the Wednesday and was found on the road where a car had just knocked her down

From the Wednesday she sat out in all that rain, lost, lonely, frightened and hungry trying to find her way home.

How could anyone be so cruel? But trust me, nothing good will ever happen to whoever did this.

I would like to say to all dog owners: please register your dog with the Humane Society if it hasn’t been done.

If it had not been for her tag we would never had known what had happened to her.

Our family would like to thank Laurel Miller for picking her up and keeping her body till she could contact us.

Jewel Smalldon