Grand Cayman experience was lacking

Reflections on a visit: My family and I visited Grand Cayman for 10 days over our Thanksgiving break.

It is now 30 years since we came to these shores and have enjoyed the ambience of all three Cayman Islands as well as the charm of the people here.

We stayed on the North Side this times visiting Georgetown as well as 7-Mile Beach.

While the weather was beautiful, the people we met charming and helpful, there was a sense of unease that we had never seen on the Island. From speaking with long-time native Caymanians, I believe this is from the unfortunate violence that has permeated society. Ray at Vivines and my family had a great discussion about this.

We pray that the Cayman people demand better and that this is transitory.

The second thing we noticed was the vulgarity in downtown George Town with blaring music and signs that were suggestive; this would never have been allowed in more serene times.

My wife was quite offended by one sign in particular…those of you familiar with George Town and the shoppes there will recognise what I am writing about; very sad.

When I read that the Island that we call a second home has become such a consumption based economy it also saddens us for the Cayman people have been so kind and balanced in their lives for so long. The gentleness is in danger of disappearing if the Americanisation of Cayman continues and worsens.

The overbuilding of 7-Mile Beach is striking. No longer three story maximum but looking more like Las Vegas or Miami Beach with beach crowding and seven stories high–huge complexes so un-Caymanian…blocking the view from the sea. How did you all allow this to occur?

While our visit was enjoyable, it was not as much so as on prior visits. How much will the Cayman people put up with until they demand a return to simpler times? Or will they?

Cuba, most likely, will be opening up and from what I hear they will offer so much to visitors that we would consider that as an option; not what we wish but a consideration.

I write these scattered notes with sadness. ‘Soon Come’ has become our motto in our lives. How I wish it was still in Cayman.

Jerry Burton