Seafarers raise new flag

Members of the Seafarer’s Association held a special ceremony to erect their new flag last Saturday at the Seafarer’s Hall in George Town.

This is the first flag exclusively representing the seafarers in the Cayman Islands and their association.

The members on hand, who were joined by their families, said the flag was another step in the progression of the seafarers’ tradition and would stand as a beacon to their lives at sea and the folklore that still lives today.

Ensigns on the flag include three stars, meant to represent the three Islands as well as the steering wheel of a ship and anchor, which pay homage to the vessels that helped many seamen and their families to build the Cayman of today.

Designed by vice president of the Seafarer’s Association, Hartmann DaCosta, the flag coincides with the release of the Association’s 2010 calendar: ‘Wooden Ships and Iron Men,’ a copy of which was presented to Former Governor Stuart Jack before his recent departure.

Mr. DaCosta said: ‘We are trying to bring back the focus to our heritage with our endeavours.’

He thanked the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands for its support, as well as the Registrar of Flags for providing the Seafarer’s Association with an English maritime flag. Mr. DaCosta said the CISA had also provided a replica of their flag to the Maritime Authority.

Maritime Authority Director of Global Operations Kenrick Ebanks commented: ‘I’m so happy to see that our forefathers are carrying on such an important legacy. The youth of the Cayman Islands have a great deal they can learn from them.’

Mr. Ebanks added that the government gives away two scholarships each year to young Caymanians who are interested in getting involved with the shipping industry as engineers and implored young Caymanians to take advantage of these opportunities.

‘The scope for development is phenomenal in this field and opportunities to travel, as well as meet new people and see new cultures abound,’ said Mr. Ebanks.